Tuesday, 8 March 2011

B&B, Guest House and Inn Recommendations

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To help save money, I’ve looked into B&B’s and Inns. Some of them seem to be a little less expensive than hotels.

After this post, I will be researching Hostels, which are even less expensive and even though I’ve never stayed in one, Hostels have been mentioned to me by a couple of my Twitter buds as a viable alternative and I figure it doesn’t hurt to have a look.

In this post I will be recommending 5 B&B’s that have great customer reviews on Travel Adviser. They have reviews of 174 B&B’s, Guesthouses and Inn’s. I have chosen those that rate in the top 70 of the 174 reviews.

I will link the B&B’s website (if they have one) and also the TravelAdvisor link. If the B&B doesn’t have a website, I will be including a link to Booking.com. Be aware that when you click on the “Show Prices” button on TravelAdvisor, it will open each website checked/ticked in a New Window. (Six websites, six different new windows).

According to the maps, a couple of these places seem a bit far out. But after checking TravelAdvisor, Booking.com and the B&B’s website. It looks like the furthest you’ll have to walk to get to the Minster is about 20 minutes.

It’s been verified! I have asked on Twitter and from the YO23 postcode, its only a 15-20 minute leisurely walk to town. There is also a map on the TravelAdvisor page of each B&B.

Remember, I am looking for the least expensive places with the best reviews just as if I was looking for a place to stay for Mr and I going on a trip.

At time of writing this, rooms were still available.


Romley Guest House
2 Millfield Road (off Scarcroft Rd)
YO23 1NQ
+44 (0) 1904 652 822

Priced from £114 for number of 2 people non-smoking for both nights. Ranked 64 out of 174

Abbingdon Guest House
60 Bootham Crescent
YO30 7AH
01904 621 761

Prices from £140 for 2 people non-smoking both nights. Rank 34 out of 174

Aaron Guest House
42 Bootham Crescent
YO30 7AH
01904 625 927

Priced from £140 for 2 people non-smoking both nights. Ranked 13 out of 174

Dalescroft Guest House
10 Southlands Road
YO23 1NP
01904 626801

Priced from £140 for 2 people non-smoking nights. Ranked 55 out of 174

Tree Tops Guesthouse York
21 St. Marys
YO30 7DD
01904 629494

Priced from £85 per person per night, non-smoking. Ranked 54 out of 174