Friday, 20 May 2011

It’s Almost Time! (Sarnie Swap)

Hello! The York Tweetup is almost here. Just Saturday after tomorrow! And to be honest, I can barely wait!

As you know, I’ve been worrying about where to eat and what time to meet. Well, this post should answer that! 

First, we’ll tackle the eating, @Wombat37 had a great idea! He suggested instead of picking and choosing a place to eat, he said how about we each bring sarnies, or something else with us and swap what we’ve brought or we could just share. He and @MikeyBaer both said its a fab icebreaker and has worked well at past Tweetups. To be honest, I have to agree. I’ve got to give the man kudos for a fantabulous suggestion, as I’d never have thought of it! He also suggested we eat in a local park that’s near or another one just behind the Minster. Bravo, Mr W!

So… I’m bringing cornbread as I know many of you are very curious about it (I might even bring the recipe!), I’m not sure what else I’m bringing with it, but I’ll figure it out. So…. What will you be bringing? If you don’t know yet, that’s ok. You have a whole week to decide!

That’s the plan, what do you think of it? Are you wondering, what if it rains? Well, we’ll just take it as it comes and figure that out when the time comes.

On a side note, I’m allergic to coconut. If it’s alright, please don’t be upset or offended if I refuse something you’ve brought that has any kind of coconut in it (As much as I’d love to, I can’t even have a korma). Also, I must be extremely bold and ask if you have suntan lotion, body lotion, perfume or cologne that smells of it, please try to wear a different one as even the smell highly affects my breathing. I’m truly sorry to inconvenience any of yall and I hope you’ll bear with me.

If any of yall have food allergies or any food restrictions, let me know so I can pass it along.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what time are we meeting and where exactly? Well, I have an answer to that too. We are meeting in front of the Minster at 11am. I have Google mapped it for ya so you’ll know which front of the Minster I mean. After all, the tourist entrance is actually on the side of the building but to the people who work at the Minster, that must be the front. There is a great forecourt in front of the towers, if I remember correctly, there are benches there and we can sit while waiting for the others to join us :)


I bet you’re wondering who else is coming. So far we have confirmations from:

  • @Em_and_Lola A new mum and her lovely daughter, who was born in March!
  • @Captain_Doodle and his wonderful Shell
  • @Wombat37 and his beautiful bride @Little_Mavis
  • @MrsAshborosCat and her fab fella @joehambleton
  • @starlitwolf (that’s me!) and Mr, who doesn’t tweet (so is very brave to show up) and may dash off to do a bit of nearby geocaching lol

As for the others we were expecting, some have had plans change, some have other obligations, and others who haven't yet confirmed if they are coming yet, but it’s looking like we’re going to have a great turnout!

I am so excited! My first Tweetup! So, as a gentle reminder, bring some food, meet at the Minster at 11am on 28th of May, whatever happens next is up in the air, but its going to be great!

In the meantime, if tomorrow is the end of the world as predicted, I’ll see you on the other side. We’ll have our Tweetup there, instead! :)

P.S. Comments are fully open now, so if you’d like you can comment below or tweet me. If you have any probs, please feel free let me know.

Friday, 6 May 2011

What Time To Meet?

Shall we set the time to meet at The Minster for 11am or 1 pm?

Minster I was thinking we should start at 11am so everyone who staying in York or those are driving would be able to have a lie in. That would leave plenty of time for who ever wanted to see the inside of the Minster and to see The Shambles would have time to do both. But then we’d probably need a reasonably priced place with a nice atmosphere and great food sometime in the afternoon. 

Or would yall prefer meet at 1pm, so yall can have lunch before we meet and perhaps later we can all land in a pub for a coffee or a cider?

After Mr has seen me struggling for the last few weeks, trying to figure out a nice buffet style restaurant or pub or perhaps a Wetherspoon’s for us to go to as a group, Mr has suggested we start the Tweetup at 1pm, so everyone could just choose for themselves where and what they’d like to eat. Actually, what he said, in his lovably typical Yorkshire style was "Let 'em fend for themselves". Yup, he's lovable that way! lol

I wonder if the #cakedebate will be brought up?

So the main question this week is; Shall we meet at 11am or 1pm?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Looks like we have some more people coming!! Yay!

Im extremely happy to say that @MrsAshborosCat and her @joehambleton will coming to The YorkTweetup! She says she’s 110% ready to be there! Any excuse to visit York and Any excuse to meet twitter folk!

I must admit she seemed hesitant at first if she would be welcome to come. Of course, they can come! She was also worried Joe wouldn't be able to make it due to his work schedule. But things turned out just right and he's off that day. Yay!

So, who else is coming?

I'd like to know who's coming, so we'll know how many and who all to expect so we don't accidently ramble off to the Shambles without you. Now, that would be a tragedy!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Where To Eat In York

For the last couple weeks, I've been fretting over a place for our ShamblesRambler’s to eat. If we have a large group, I wouldn't want to overwhelm the workers. So I’ve been trying to think of places that are buffet style. The food is already prepared, lots of variety and only the hostess seating you is bothered by how many are in the party. However I don't know how many people we are expecting.  I mean, due to unforeseen circumstances some TweetUpper’s plans may’ve had to be changed. Some may not be able to come to the TweetUp, while others may join us last minute. What to do?

The ever so lovely and wonderful @Em_and_Lola formerly known as @babymakingfiles has suggested a very nice place near The Minster. It's called Grays Court and would be fabulous on a sunny day. She says they have sandwiches or if you want something more substantial, they have that as well. She says it has great food and is a historic building that backs onto the bar Walls and has a lovely garden. She's even provided pics!

GraysCourt1 GraysCourt2 GraysCourt3

GraysCourt4 GraysCourt5 GraysCourt6

I must admit it looks a lovely place to go. I've looked at their website but they don't seem to have a menu page. The place is stunningly beautiful but I wonder if those on a tight budget would have the funds. @Em_and_Lola says their prices are reasonable and the food is great.

She has also recommended Pizza Express which has a large dining area and often has a special offer going, including 2 for 1 deals. She also said there's a Chinese buffet style restaurant there, but she’s hesitant to go in because the windows are always steamy. I hate to say it but that might throw Mr and I off as well wondering, just how very hot it is inside there!

Do you have a favorite place you love to eat in York? Would you like to recommend it to me, please?

Or would yall like to just take it as it comes and step into a nice friendly looking pub/restaurant/Wetherspoon's we find along the way?

Feel free to let me know what you think!



Tuesday, 8 March 2011

B&B, Guest House and Inn Recommendations

B&B Blog

To help save money, I’ve looked into B&B’s and Inns. Some of them seem to be a little less expensive than hotels.

After this post, I will be researching Hostels, which are even less expensive and even though I’ve never stayed in one, Hostels have been mentioned to me by a couple of my Twitter buds as a viable alternative and I figure it doesn’t hurt to have a look.

In this post I will be recommending 5 B&B’s that have great customer reviews on Travel Adviser. They have reviews of 174 B&B’s, Guesthouses and Inn’s. I have chosen those that rate in the top 70 of the 174 reviews.

I will link the B&B’s website (if they have one) and also the TravelAdvisor link. If the B&B doesn’t have a website, I will be including a link to Be aware that when you click on the “Show Prices” button on TravelAdvisor, it will open each website checked/ticked in a New Window. (Six websites, six different new windows).

According to the maps, a couple of these places seem a bit far out. But after checking TravelAdvisor, and the B&B’s website. It looks like the furthest you’ll have to walk to get to the Minster is about 20 minutes.

It’s been verified! I have asked on Twitter and from the YO23 postcode, its only a 15-20 minute leisurely walk to town. There is also a map on the TravelAdvisor page of each B&B.

Remember, I am looking for the least expensive places with the best reviews just as if I was looking for a place to stay for Mr and I going on a trip.

At time of writing this, rooms were still available.


Romley Guest House
2 Millfield Road (off Scarcroft Rd)
YO23 1NQ
+44 (0) 1904 652 822

Priced from £114 for number of 2 people non-smoking for both nights. Ranked 64 out of 174

Abbingdon Guest House
60 Bootham Crescent
YO30 7AH
01904 621 761

Prices from £140 for 2 people non-smoking both nights. Rank 34 out of 174

Aaron Guest House
42 Bootham Crescent
YO30 7AH
01904 625 927

Priced from £140 for 2 people non-smoking both nights. Ranked 13 out of 174

Dalescroft Guest House
10 Southlands Road
YO23 1NP
01904 626801

Priced from £140 for 2 people non-smoking nights. Ranked 55 out of 174

Tree Tops Guesthouse York
21 St. Marys
YO30 7DD
01904 629494

Priced from £85 per person per night, non-smoking. Ranked 54 out of 174

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hotel Recommendations

The York Tweetup date has been set! The day will be May 28th 2011. For those of you travelling over the miles for the tweetup, this is to help you find a place to stay for the weekend.

For this post, I used It rates hotels, B&B’s/Inn’s, special lodgings and holiday rentals according to the reviews written by people who’ve stayed at that particular hotel. I’d like to think that by taking the time to write a review that that hotel left a definite impression on that person. There are customer reviews for 45 of the 120 hotels in York.

What I was looking for was a nice place, one that’s fairly inexpensive, and one that I would stay in myself. I searched for the dates we need (arriving on Friday, the 27th and leaving on morning of Sunday, the 29th) for 2 people. Also be aware that prices I have listed are from the dates I looked the hotels up and may change as we get nearer to the day of Tweetup.

At the time of my posting this, rooms were still available.

Below you will find five hotels that appeal to me and were the least expensive. Their rankings are mixed. I have left some out because the rank kind of put me off and I have left others off after reading some of the reviews written about them. Yes, I actually did read some of the reviews as if I was booking the place for Mr and me.

Click here to see the original TripAdvisor page I used and judge for yourself :-)

Also you might want to take a look at which seems to have all 120 hotel listings and is based on star ratings, not on customer reviews and has a nice map of hotels in York.
Please note: I did not search website.

Because I don’t know the area(towns, villages, etc…) around York, I only chose those in York itself.

If you are from York or live near York, please feel free to recommend a hotel, B&B or hostel in comments below. I’m sure those travelling the miles to this Tweetup will greatly appreciate your advice.

York Hotels

Holiday Inn Express
Malton Road
York UK
YO32 9TE
01904 438 660

One room for 2 people, non-smoking from £62/night/per person. Ranked 27 out of 45.

Websites checked through TravelAdvisor*:

I’ve stayed at Holiday Inn Express before. Not this particular one, but they are usually extremely clean and service is quite good. According to reviews this one seems to need a bit of updating.

Holiday Inn York
Tadcaster Road
York UK
YO24 1QF
0871 942 9085

One room for 2 people, non-smoking from £150 for both nights. Ranked 29 out of 45.

Websites checked through TravelAdvisor*:

Premier Inn York – City Centre

20 Blossom Street
York UK
YO24 1 AJ
0871 527 9196

One room for 2 people, non-smoking from £191 for both nights. Ranked 10 out of 45.

Websites checked through TravelAdvisor*:

  • Seems you can check prices on only this website? No others came up on TripAdvisor like for the other hotels.

The Groves

Saint Peters Grove
York UK
YO30 6AQ
01904 559 777
020 3 027 8143

One room for 2 people, non-smoking from £210 for both nights. Be sure to check out the link, much less expensive! Ranked 3 out 45
Websites checked through TravelAdvisor*:

Novotel York Centre

York UK
YO10 4FD
01904 611 660

One room for 2 people, non-smoking from £218 for both nights. Ranked 16 out of 45.

Websites checked through TravelAdvisor*:

*Click on website name to see search results.

By the time you read this, hopefully none of the links will have timed out. If they do, let me know and I will happily edit this post to reflect that. Thanks.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Someone else has joined us!

As of last night, we have a new group member!

Please give a warm and hearty welcome to @babymakingfiles who is currently residing in York. She's offered to suggest a few places to visit and/or get a bite to eat or drink while we are at the tweetup.

She will also be bringing our youngest group member who will be almost 3 months old at the end of May! I have a feeling that little baby will be the Star of the Show that day! "Nevermind the Minster. Look at that cute adorable young thing!"

Anyhow, she's been 'round the Minster a few too many times and isnt really up for another trip inside, but says she will be there. I suggested perhaps our group could split. Some will want to go in the Minster while others may not. We could all meet up again after seeing inside. Or if we decide the date is the 28th, those who want to visit the Minster will be able to see all of it after 3:15.

Right now, nothing is set in granite so "we'll take it as it comes" as Mr would say.

Another possible group member is @plinkyplonk who would be coming from the London area. She says both she and M would love it and will try to make it depending on the date set.

Note: This was originally posted in Comments of first blog entry. I have amended it here to my current understanding.

If I have any of these wrong, please feel free to let me know.

So far this is how I understand it.

Definitely coming are:
@ericafairs - who will be bringing her non-tweeting Mr fairs.
@starlitwolf - who may be bringing her equally non-tweeting Mr. Might be late.
@babymakingfiles - who will be bringing her lovely Lola

Penciled in for either date and depending on circumstances:
@plinkyplonk - who will be bringing M and possibly boy

Prefers the 28th:
@wombat37 - who will most likely be bringing the lovely @little_mavis (hopefully)
@captain_doodle - who will be bringing Shell

Interested in coming but unsure if will be in area:
@snowgirl1972 and @thom_white

*Memo to self: Contact to verify.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hello From Starlitwolf

We are in the midst of planning a Meet-up in York.

It happened quite by accident. Honest!

A Twitter mate was talking about places she'd like to visit and mentioned York. I've been there a few times and I started telling her about the Minster. I told her how beautiful it is there, the magnificent stonework carvings, the statues, the absolutely awesome stained-glass windows. Did you know that one of the windows is dated four hundred years before Christopher Columbus set about sailing to the Americas?

I told her I'd love to go back again and that the last time I went it was £5 for the tour of the church. I didn't get a chance to say that that was ten years ago. But, still I'd love to go back.

Note: I have done some research on the York Minster website.
The prices for entry into the Minster (optional free guided tour) including entry to the Undercroft, Treasury & Crypt are:
Adult: £9.00
Senior (60+)/student: £8.00
Children with family (16 and under): Free

Entry to the Tower:

Adult: £5.50
Senior (60+)/student: £4.50
Child (age 8 to 16): £3.50

Children under the age of 8 may not climb the Tower

Photography and video for your own use is allowed!

I have also checked to see if the Minster had any Events going on while we would be there. It looks like on the 21st the whole place is open to visitors but at 19:30 they have Mahler: Symphony of a Thousand.
On the 28th they have at 9:00 Environment Day, at 12:45 Quire and East End Close for Sightseeing until 3.15pm and at 19:30 Rachmaninov: Vespers

Even though the Quire and East end will be closed until 3:15, we can still see the rest of Minster!

For those of you who are interested and staying in York over the weekend, you can buy tickets online for the Mahler and Rachmaninoy events online through the York Minster website on their events calendar page.

Now back to the blog:

I told her about the Shambles in York, how the buildings are precariously overhanging the street and how narrow the street is. The road itself is so narrow that only three people can walk side by side and even then, one person will most likely be straddling the sidewalk (pavement)!

Suddenly, she said "You're on!" I just had to laugh. I was astounded, I was amazed and above all I was flabbergasted! I loved it!

We started talking about how to get there and about dates. By now several people had perked to our conversation and suggested they would be interested in coming to see York Minster and the Shambles as well!

I was giggling with glee! I couldn't believe it. I'd just accidentally set up a meet up... in York! Oh, wow! How fabulous! A Tweet-up Meet-up in York at the Minster! Perhaps, to see the inside again and if we did, perhaps to go on the tour as well!

We talked about how I'd get there, because (to me) it seems like a lot of the meet-ups are to places that are not walking distance from public transport (trains). I would have to go by train, Mr was adamant that he would not be comfortable because he doesn't tweet and would not be going. If he didn't drive us there, then train it was! York is about 2 hours from me. Yup, I can do that! Not only that, but anyone arriving by train can see the towers of the Minster from the station and its within walking distance too. No way to get lost!

We talked about when this would take place. We debated right then and there, when. I have only been to York in the winter. To be honest, I don't suggest wintertime. Its cold, real cold if you're on foot. Yes, there are places to step into to get warm, but who wants to stop when you're rambling such a marvelous place like York? So, I suggested springtime, about the same time the flowers come out. York in Bloom. Nice.

Well, we narrowed it to spring. Now down to the month. We decided April/May time. There is a tweet-up in Nottingham in February. At this moment, I cant remember the place, but there is another in April.

One a month sounds alright to me, so, May it is! I thought and thought and started debating 2nd and 3rd weekend in May. I couldn't make it the first weekend as our first grand-baby due announce herself to the world that weekend. I started this meet-up, no way could I miss it!

So, after debating and arguing with myself (not out loud, that'd be silly!), I settled on the third weekend. I'm not sure why he changed his mind, but I think, it's because I didn't mention the York visit to him or nag him to come. Out of the blue on Monday, while we were off on a day trip to Coniston, I asked Mr if the third weekend sounded okay for him. He said "Yes, if he could get off work that Saturday"
Oh my Gosh! He might be coming! So, if he works and wants to drive us to York, I may be late. But I will be there!

So, here's the deal.

I went on twitter and asked those who seemed interested if they could make it that weekend. Saturday, the 21st of May.

We want to try to get the best date that most people can be there. I'd love to have loads of twitter friends there

The people who've shown interest so far are @starlitwolf(that's me!) @ericafairs - who will be bringing non-tweeting Mr fairs, @captain_doodle, @matronmim, @wombat37, @little_mavis, @mikeybaer, @flossietp, @keithy73, @snowgirl1972, @thom_white, @mrchambers, @plinkyplonk and @gurusteele, whom I don't know, but I'm assuming @matronmim does.

Of these, two think they will be in the area the last week of May but aren't sure of exact date. One (at the time) couldn't be there the last week and another brought up Judgement Day, which is to take place on the 21st.

I can honestly understand the hesitance of not wanting to be near a church on that day. Mr would run for the hills if a priest started talking to him about religion. He believes what he believes and doesn't want others to shove their religious beliefs down his throat while trying to convert him, which is a great possibility for that day! So, yes, I understand.

So, now I would like to ask you a question. Please feel free to comment. Which is the best date for yall to come to York? Do you prefer the 21st or the 28th? If you can make either weekend please let me know in comments.

There are a few more Twitter friends I know I'd like to invite. Whether they come or not, at least they'll know about the tweetup. So, if you or someone you know would be interested in coming, invite them along and please let me know so I can add them to our list.