Thursday, 6 January 2011

Someone else has joined us!

As of last night, we have a new group member!

Please give a warm and hearty welcome to @babymakingfiles who is currently residing in York. She's offered to suggest a few places to visit and/or get a bite to eat or drink while we are at the tweetup.

She will also be bringing our youngest group member who will be almost 3 months old at the end of May! I have a feeling that little baby will be the Star of the Show that day! "Nevermind the Minster. Look at that cute adorable young thing!"

Anyhow, she's been 'round the Minster a few too many times and isnt really up for another trip inside, but says she will be there. I suggested perhaps our group could split. Some will want to go in the Minster while others may not. We could all meet up again after seeing inside. Or if we decide the date is the 28th, those who want to visit the Minster will be able to see all of it after 3:15.

Right now, nothing is set in granite so "we'll take it as it comes" as Mr would say.

Another possible group member is @plinkyplonk who would be coming from the London area. She says both she and M would love it and will try to make it depending on the date set.

Note: This was originally posted in Comments of first blog entry. I have amended it here to my current understanding.

If I have any of these wrong, please feel free to let me know.

So far this is how I understand it.

Definitely coming are:
@ericafairs - who will be bringing her non-tweeting Mr fairs.
@starlitwolf - who may be bringing her equally non-tweeting Mr. Might be late.
@babymakingfiles - who will be bringing her lovely Lola

Penciled in for either date and depending on circumstances:
@plinkyplonk - who will be bringing M and possibly boy

Prefers the 28th:
@wombat37 - who will most likely be bringing the lovely @little_mavis (hopefully)
@captain_doodle - who will be bringing Shell

Interested in coming but unsure if will be in area:
@snowgirl1972 and @thom_white

*Memo to self: Contact to verify.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hello From Starlitwolf

We are in the midst of planning a Meet-up in York.

It happened quite by accident. Honest!

A Twitter mate was talking about places she'd like to visit and mentioned York. I've been there a few times and I started telling her about the Minster. I told her how beautiful it is there, the magnificent stonework carvings, the statues, the absolutely awesome stained-glass windows. Did you know that one of the windows is dated four hundred years before Christopher Columbus set about sailing to the Americas?

I told her I'd love to go back again and that the last time I went it was £5 for the tour of the church. I didn't get a chance to say that that was ten years ago. But, still I'd love to go back.

Note: I have done some research on the York Minster website.
The prices for entry into the Minster (optional free guided tour) including entry to the Undercroft, Treasury & Crypt are:
Adult: £9.00
Senior (60+)/student: £8.00
Children with family (16 and under): Free

Entry to the Tower:

Adult: £5.50
Senior (60+)/student: £4.50
Child (age 8 to 16): £3.50

Children under the age of 8 may not climb the Tower

Photography and video for your own use is allowed!

I have also checked to see if the Minster had any Events going on while we would be there. It looks like on the 21st the whole place is open to visitors but at 19:30 they have Mahler: Symphony of a Thousand.
On the 28th they have at 9:00 Environment Day, at 12:45 Quire and East End Close for Sightseeing until 3.15pm and at 19:30 Rachmaninov: Vespers

Even though the Quire and East end will be closed until 3:15, we can still see the rest of Minster!

For those of you who are interested and staying in York over the weekend, you can buy tickets online for the Mahler and Rachmaninoy events online through the York Minster website on their events calendar page.

Now back to the blog:

I told her about the Shambles in York, how the buildings are precariously overhanging the street and how narrow the street is. The road itself is so narrow that only three people can walk side by side and even then, one person will most likely be straddling the sidewalk (pavement)!

Suddenly, she said "You're on!" I just had to laugh. I was astounded, I was amazed and above all I was flabbergasted! I loved it!

We started talking about how to get there and about dates. By now several people had perked to our conversation and suggested they would be interested in coming to see York Minster and the Shambles as well!

I was giggling with glee! I couldn't believe it. I'd just accidentally set up a meet up... in York! Oh, wow! How fabulous! A Tweet-up Meet-up in York at the Minster! Perhaps, to see the inside again and if we did, perhaps to go on the tour as well!

We talked about how I'd get there, because (to me) it seems like a lot of the meet-ups are to places that are not walking distance from public transport (trains). I would have to go by train, Mr was adamant that he would not be comfortable because he doesn't tweet and would not be going. If he didn't drive us there, then train it was! York is about 2 hours from me. Yup, I can do that! Not only that, but anyone arriving by train can see the towers of the Minster from the station and its within walking distance too. No way to get lost!

We talked about when this would take place. We debated right then and there, when. I have only been to York in the winter. To be honest, I don't suggest wintertime. Its cold, real cold if you're on foot. Yes, there are places to step into to get warm, but who wants to stop when you're rambling such a marvelous place like York? So, I suggested springtime, about the same time the flowers come out. York in Bloom. Nice.

Well, we narrowed it to spring. Now down to the month. We decided April/May time. There is a tweet-up in Nottingham in February. At this moment, I cant remember the place, but there is another in April.

One a month sounds alright to me, so, May it is! I thought and thought and started debating 2nd and 3rd weekend in May. I couldn't make it the first weekend as our first grand-baby due announce herself to the world that weekend. I started this meet-up, no way could I miss it!

So, after debating and arguing with myself (not out loud, that'd be silly!), I settled on the third weekend. I'm not sure why he changed his mind, but I think, it's because I didn't mention the York visit to him or nag him to come. Out of the blue on Monday, while we were off on a day trip to Coniston, I asked Mr if the third weekend sounded okay for him. He said "Yes, if he could get off work that Saturday"
Oh my Gosh! He might be coming! So, if he works and wants to drive us to York, I may be late. But I will be there!

So, here's the deal.

I went on twitter and asked those who seemed interested if they could make it that weekend. Saturday, the 21st of May.

We want to try to get the best date that most people can be there. I'd love to have loads of twitter friends there

The people who've shown interest so far are @starlitwolf(that's me!) @ericafairs - who will be bringing non-tweeting Mr fairs, @captain_doodle, @matronmim, @wombat37, @little_mavis, @mikeybaer, @flossietp, @keithy73, @snowgirl1972, @thom_white, @mrchambers, @plinkyplonk and @gurusteele, whom I don't know, but I'm assuming @matronmim does.

Of these, two think they will be in the area the last week of May but aren't sure of exact date. One (at the time) couldn't be there the last week and another brought up Judgement Day, which is to take place on the 21st.

I can honestly understand the hesitance of not wanting to be near a church on that day. Mr would run for the hills if a priest started talking to him about religion. He believes what he believes and doesn't want others to shove their religious beliefs down his throat while trying to convert him, which is a great possibility for that day! So, yes, I understand.

So, now I would like to ask you a question. Please feel free to comment. Which is the best date for yall to come to York? Do you prefer the 21st or the 28th? If you can make either weekend please let me know in comments.

There are a few more Twitter friends I know I'd like to invite. Whether they come or not, at least they'll know about the tweetup. So, if you or someone you know would be interested in coming, invite them along and please let me know so I can add them to our list.