Thursday, 6 January 2011

Someone else has joined us!

As of last night, we have a new group member!

Please give a warm and hearty welcome to @babymakingfiles who is currently residing in York. She's offered to suggest a few places to visit and/or get a bite to eat or drink while we are at the tweetup.

She will also be bringing our youngest group member who will be almost 3 months old at the end of May! I have a feeling that little baby will be the Star of the Show that day! "Nevermind the Minster. Look at that cute adorable young thing!"

Anyhow, she's been 'round the Minster a few too many times and isnt really up for another trip inside, but says she will be there. I suggested perhaps our group could split. Some will want to go in the Minster while others may not. We could all meet up again after seeing inside. Or if we decide the date is the 28th, those who want to visit the Minster will be able to see all of it after 3:15.

Right now, nothing is set in granite so "we'll take it as it comes" as Mr would say.

Another possible group member is @plinkyplonk who would be coming from the London area. She says both she and M would love it and will try to make it depending on the date set.

Note: This was originally posted in Comments of first blog entry. I have amended it here to my current understanding.

If I have any of these wrong, please feel free to let me know.

So far this is how I understand it.

Definitely coming are:
@ericafairs - who will be bringing her non-tweeting Mr fairs.
@starlitwolf - who may be bringing her equally non-tweeting Mr. Might be late.
@babymakingfiles - who will be bringing her lovely Lola

Penciled in for either date and depending on circumstances:
@plinkyplonk - who will be bringing M and possibly boy

Prefers the 28th:
@wombat37 - who will most likely be bringing the lovely @little_mavis (hopefully)
@captain_doodle - who will be bringing Shell

Interested in coming but unsure if will be in area:
@snowgirl1972 and @thom_white

*Memo to self: Contact to verify.


  1. If I forgot to say before - good on you for arranging this, and the blog is excellent. Much better than all those tweets to 37 people.

  2. *smiles* Well, I cant take *all* the credit. A certain Wombat gave me the idea!

    Thank you. I was thinking it might be a bit "wordy" but so far have had good feedback :)

    37? Was it really 37?? lol

    Yes, have to agree, definitely *much* easier.