Friday, 6 May 2011

What Time To Meet?

Shall we set the time to meet at The Minster for 11am or 1 pm?

Minster I was thinking we should start at 11am so everyone who staying in York or those are driving would be able to have a lie in. That would leave plenty of time for who ever wanted to see the inside of the Minster and to see The Shambles would have time to do both. But then we’d probably need a reasonably priced place with a nice atmosphere and great food sometime in the afternoon. 

Or would yall prefer meet at 1pm, so yall can have lunch before we meet and perhaps later we can all land in a pub for a coffee or a cider?

After Mr has seen me struggling for the last few weeks, trying to figure out a nice buffet style restaurant or pub or perhaps a Wetherspoon’s for us to go to as a group, Mr has suggested we start the Tweetup at 1pm, so everyone could just choose for themselves where and what they’d like to eat. Actually, what he said, in his lovably typical Yorkshire style was "Let 'em fend for themselves". Yup, he's lovable that way! lol

I wonder if the #cakedebate will be brought up?

So the main question this week is; Shall we meet at 11am or 1pm?

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  1. We are happy to go with the flow! We will be arriving in York around 10, so happy to eat with others! Greys court is one of my favourite places in York! So happy to go there.