Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Where To Eat In York

For the last couple weeks, I've been fretting over a place for our ShamblesRambler’s to eat. If we have a large group, I wouldn't want to overwhelm the workers. So I’ve been trying to think of places that are buffet style. The food is already prepared, lots of variety and only the hostess seating you is bothered by how many are in the party. However I don't know how many people we are expecting.  I mean, due to unforeseen circumstances some TweetUpper’s plans may’ve had to be changed. Some may not be able to come to the TweetUp, while others may join us last minute. What to do?

The ever so lovely and wonderful @Em_and_Lola formerly known as @babymakingfiles has suggested a very nice place near The Minster. It's called Grays Court and would be fabulous on a sunny day. She says they have sandwiches or if you want something more substantial, they have that as well. She says it has great food and is a historic building that backs onto the bar Walls and has a lovely garden. She's even provided pics!

GraysCourt1 GraysCourt2 GraysCourt3

GraysCourt4 GraysCourt5 GraysCourt6

I must admit it looks a lovely place to go. I've looked at their website but they don't seem to have a menu page. The place is stunningly beautiful but I wonder if those on a tight budget would have the funds. @Em_and_Lola says their prices are reasonable and the food is great.

She has also recommended Pizza Express which has a large dining area and often has a special offer going, including 2 for 1 deals. She also said there's a Chinese buffet style restaurant there, but she’s hesitant to go in because the windows are always steamy. I hate to say it but that might throw Mr and I off as well wondering, just how very hot it is inside there!

Do you have a favorite place you love to eat in York? Would you like to recommend it to me, please?

Or would yall like to just take it as it comes and step into a nice friendly looking pub/restaurant/Wetherspoon's we find along the way?

Feel free to let me know what you think!



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